The broader curriculum of this school, and the Division of Drawing, Painting and Photography in particular, encourages a cross disciplinary approach to media.

At the sophomore level, students will learn basic photographic skills including DSLR camera functions, image exposure, photographic color theory and inkjet printing. In frequent class critiques, students are encouraged to participate in a dialogue that will help them to develop the vocabulary and visualization skills necessary for critical evaluation of photographic work.

At the junior level, students have the opportunity to choose courses that are more specific in both technique and ideas. Courses in Digital Photography, View Camera, Studio Lighting and Contemporary Photographic Practice will provide technical, intellectual and artistic challenges. At this level there are fewer projects, giving students more time to develop accomplished bodies of work.

By the senior year, students should be focused in their photographic pursuits. The structure of individual weekly critiques allows the students to be more independent and to work with each of the faculty individually, preparing themselves for working outside of the school environment. Students work throughout the year to create an in-depth and substantial body of work. Emphasis will be placed on the depth of their ideas, the defendability of their concept and the execution of their final thesis work.