September 23, 2015

Nevins Theater
This event is free and open to the public.

The Division of Drawing, Painting and Photography is pleased to present visiting artist Melanie Bonajo.

Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo’s work transcends categorization.  Through photography, performance, video and music, she unravels cultural norms and represents the female body from a distinctly female gaze.  Women bound in brooms and mops or with clay, self-formed appendages fill the frame.  Private and public space are confounded and sexuality is unhinged.  Bonajo uses the domestic space, gender and value structures to examine spiritual emptiness, a complicated contemporary relationship to nature and our, at times, bleak search for happiness.

Melanie Bonajo work has been exhibited and performed widely, including the Institute Neérlandais, Paris; Foam, Amsterdam; Kohun National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul and the Stedelijk Museum,  Amsterdam.  She has had solo shows that include Fette Gallery in Los Angeles and PPOW and Capricious in New York. In 2003 Melanie won the Dutch Young Artist Award and, in collaboration with Kinga Kielczynska, won the Pup Award in 2007. Her work has been published by Capricious, Eye-magazine, Glu, Livraison, Famous magazine, and Mullosk. Since 2004 she is the Creative Editor of Capricious, a photo magazine for young emerging photographers.